Patar is an experimental electronic music project featuring Kıvanç Tatar, Philippe Pasquier, and MASOM. MASOM is a musical agent, an artificial intelligence (AI) architecture, making music. Together, three entities produce a live performance of experimental electronic music, live electroacoustic music, musique concrète, soundscape compositions, through structured improvisation.

Patar’s performances experiments with a wide range of electronic music styles within the performance. The performances of Patar oscillate between ambient and noise while exploring the frontiers of the rhythmic and tonal, and using both electronic and acoustic textures.

The details of the event

A Big MASOM Family

Musical Agent based on Self-Organizing Maps (MASOM) is a musical software agent for live performance. MASOM plays experimental music and free improvisation. It learns by listening to audio files such as recordings of performances or compositions. MASOM extracts higher level features such as eventfulness, pleasantness, and timbre to understand the musical form of what it hears. MASOM is limited to the style of what is has listened to and reacts in real-time to what he is hearing. It is able to listen to itself and other performers to decide what to play next. MASOM is designed by Kıvanç Tatar and Philippe Pasquier.

This video is the performance of the piece, A Big MASOM family. The piece has three parts, including two MASOM agents. In the first part, Tatar is performing with a MASOM agent. In the second part, two MASOM agents perform together without Tatar. The last part is a trio of Tatar and two MASOM agents. The MASOM agents are trained on this album:

More info about the project MASOM:

Video shooting: Frances Margaret Walker Breden
as a part of the collective concert RE-UN-SOLVED by Co.Crea.Tive:

Water by Chroma

In case you missed it, here is the live audio and projected video of ‘Water’ by Chroma (a new piece for Earth Day 2017)  performed at the Golden Saucer on April 22, 2017 as part of Co.Creative Barely Constrained.

CHROMA – an experimental mixed media ensemble based in Vancouver, BC.

Katerina Gimon – Voice/Live-Electronics
Brian Topp – Voice/Live-Electronics
David Storen – Voice/Live-Electronics/Video

Co.Crea.Tive at Stylus Records March 23rd, 2017

Winter is here. Again. It happens every year. And then it comes back. And then it melts a little bit. And then it comes back. And you ask yourself: *why is this still a problem??? It happens every year and then it comes back and then it melts a little bit and then it comes back!!!*

Your friends at Co.Crea.Tive also ask this question. Only we do it with glitz, MIDI controllers, and neon stuffed animals.


OPEN to ENTER /// Co.Crea.Tive at Selectors’ Records!

score for _________


open your ears,

open your eyes wide.

cleanse palette to salivate in pure anticipation.

open up everything you possibly can

to hear everything you possibly can.


give and receive hugs post-show.



a night of continuous vibrations, performances of all sorts.


SHOW 8:30 PM

Suggested donation: $5-10, no one turned away for lack of funds

ARTISTS: Crawling Human, mási, Raj Gill, Kıvanç Tatar, Minah Lee, Maren Lisac, Matthew Ariaratnam, Alexandra Spence, Jamey Braden, Artificial Intelligence, Matt Horrigan, Brady Marks, Sydney Thorne

The Co.nstrained Crea.tions Collec.Tive gathers artists from different disciplines interested into the exploration of constrained improvisations.

Starting from the concept of free improvisation – a form of music that does not entail predetermined rules nor idiomatic connotations – we challenge our practice through the imposition of piece-wise constraints. As opposed to the definition of a structure, constraints push us out of our artistic comfort zone and hinder the retreat to known patterns.

This approach is then extended to different forms of expression, with a twofold purpose: first, to foster experimentalism, develop personal style, defy our mastery of instruments and bodily expression; second, to help us tell a story to the audience, so as to offer also to non-artists a breach over the complex domain of creative improv.

Tatar meets the man with the generative last name

00:00 – Is it finished?
00:22 – Lost in useless territory
01:30 – What is the reality of the situation?
02:40 – Ask your body
03:08 – Take away the important parts
03:53 – Trust in the you now
05:13 – You don’t have to ashamed of using your own ideas
07:30 – Make an exhaustive list of everything you might do and do the last thing on the list
09:58 – Make what’s perfect more human
12:00 – Is it finished?
12:58 – Discover the recipes your are using and abandon them
14:11 – Cluster analysis
released August 15, 2016
Performed at the Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver BC, April 7th 2016
Performed by:Matthew Ariaratnam –
Kıvanç Tatar –

Mixed and Mastered by Kıvanç Tatar

Cover artwork by Erman Akçay –