másiAlanna Ho is an emerging interdisciplinary performer based in Vancouver combining deep play₁ , new media, and community engagement. Her current research is protest through play; toy hacking; generative memory; performances regarding liquids; and combining new media with alternative early education.

On the west coast, she has performed at the Western Front, The New Media Gallery, Big Joy Experimental Music Festival, Tidal~Signal, The Anvil Theatre, Digital Carnival at the Richmond World Festival, VIVO Media Arts Centre, The Greater Art Gallery of Victoria, Centre A, and the SFU Audain Gallery.

As a freelance educator, she is passionate about engaging a welcoming creative space for children to immerse into with an experimental approach. Currently she leads workshops for the New Westminster New Media Gallery, bridging elementary school aged children with contemporary new media art; integrating sound design with democratic school Windsor House through the Western Front, Vancouver; and facilitating experimental and interdisciplinary play sessions at Appleseed, Richmond for ages 0-12.

Alanna is the founder of the Rainbow Forecast Project, a non-profit art and community initiative. The project aims to share children’s stories, spirit and generate contemporary art discussions by constructing their own creative ideas into larger scale works.