Lights by Chroma

Chroma Improv performing ‘Lights’ (2016) with Co.Creative Improv. at the Red Gate Society for the Arts

CHROMA – an experimental mixed media ensemble based in Vancouver, BC.

Katerina Gimon – Voice/Live-Electronics
Brian Topp – Live-Electronics
David Storen – Live-Video


Tatar meets the man with the generative last name

00:00 – Is it finished?
00:22 – Lost in useless territory
01:30 – What is the reality of the situation?
02:40 – Ask your body
03:08 – Take away the important parts
03:53 – Trust in the you now
05:13 – You don’t have to ashamed of using your own ideas
07:30 – Make an exhaustive list of everything you might do and do the last thing on the list
09:58 – Make what’s perfect more human
12:00 – Is it finished?
12:58 – Discover the recipes your are using and abandon them
14:11 – Cluster analysis
released August 15, 2016
Performed at the Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver BC, April 7th 2016
Performed by:Matthew Ariaratnam –
Kıvanç Tatar –

Mixed and Mastered by Kıvanç Tatar

Cover artwork by Erman Akçay –


Call for performers

Our performance collective Co.Crea.Tive is opening our doors for collaborative exploration. Currently, we are an avant-garde music based collective and we want to welcome other disciplines such as visual art, new media, dance, devised theatre, physical theatre, puppetry, performance art, poetry or anything else in-between.

We aim to connect people and work together to create new pieces of constrained improvisation, to be showcased at our next event. We want to encourage creative pollination between various practices. This can be done with someone you have never worked with or someone you already have a rapport with.

The potential for further work can develop, performance in other settings can happen, and new insights can be activated.