raj—raj+- the shape-|-shifter, trick-er-treat-er, is found in the SUB-lemonade messages, the  mo-mentos between the moments. he playgrounds in the ABSurd, the the surReeeL, the image-in-ation and fantasy=?>land, making the ORDER-nary extra-extra-ordinary. he studied sonic arts.  he has a long time girlfriend love interest in rhythmic sounds, found beneath the cracks in the alleys, and street nOISe  that surround sound our day n’ night life. sHe researched and worked in the Syneme lab investigating artistic practices and collaboration between artists and musicians. he works in soundscape deconstruction and other experimental and pop sounds beep beep bop bop. past to present, he is all about the base in body. movement art, micro-movements, mime and co <>(O] neck-tion with the audience.

he works now in performance creation with live and pre-made sounds with movement and unconventional storytelling. he enjoys bridging the diverse artistic communities, to foster new and innovative work. he does not like not taking himself serious.