smalltime magic

dscf3770asmalltime magic is a sound art duo made up of musicians/playmates Alanna Ho (allie) and Alexandra Spence (affie). They present audiovisual performances and installations that explore the idea of ‘play’ as an entrypoint into the world of sound and technology (often featuring toys and unusual sound sources). Initially Vancouver-based, this duo is now correspondence-based between Vancouver and Sydney, as a result their work examines sound in relation to notions of place, memory and daily experience.

smalltime magic is influenced by the notion that all knowledge begins in experience; their performances and installations invite the audience to engage with their surroundings through the acts of listening, moving and exploring. The work of smalltime magic favours subtlety, and quietude; delicate sounds that ebb and flow, objects that vibrate, spaces that resonate. Carefully constructed aural layers gradually move and develop, inviting contemplative interaction and active thought.